It Ain’t Over: Remy Ma Reportedly Dropping New Nicki Minaj Diss ‘Child’s Play’+Lil Kim Teases ‘Ladies Night 2’ with Remy [Video]

Posted February 26, 2017

It looks like Remy Ma is just getting started following the release of her epic Nicki Minaj diss record ‘Shether’ over the weekend.

The rap vixen apparently is planning to drop yet another diss record titled ‘Child’s Play‘ on Monday, and the alleged artwork (above) made its way online on Sunday (Feb.26). Although this has not been confirmed by Remy

On Saturday night following the release of the track, Remy performed alongside Cardi B, the Lox and Queen Bee, Lil Kim during a concert in PA. Rem took to the stage to debut ‘Shether.’

Meanwhile on Sunday, Kim performed again in New York and addressed the feud with Remy and Nick, and teased a “Ladies Night 2” collaboration with Remy.

Get into the video below.

Nicki is also reportedly planning to drop a response record in the next few hours according to speculation from social media. Things are heating up, stay tuned.

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