Dawn Richard Reveals She Is Open To Second Danity Kane Reunion

Posted November 30, 2017

In a move that we categorize as “too little, too late,” Dawn Richard is now revealing that almost 3 years since their last reunion that ended in mayhem, she is open to another Danity Kane reconciliation/reunion.

The declaration came via an Instagram clip she shared as a throwback to the groups successful reunion tour back in 2014, which kicked off while the group was preparing their reunion album and reality show. Of course, following the tour as the girls were entering the next phase of the reunion, a huge fight broke out between Dawn and Aubrey O’ Day which prompted the final split. Aubrey and Shannon Bex went on to form a duo, dumblonde without Dawn.

sis wasn’t playin.

A post shared by DAWN (@dawnrichard) on

Well when quizzed in her comments on the throwback performance clip, Dawn revealed that under certain stipulations, she would return to the group.

D∆WN kicked off the beginning of 'The Red Era' last week when she debuted her new track
D∆WN (formerly Dawn Richard) wants you to hit the dancefloor with her new uptempo track 'Dance'

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