Joe Jackson Reveals Janet Jackson In Negotiations To Return To Superbowl 52 Halftime Show “Conversations Have Taken Place Secretly”

Posted November 20, 2017

Photo credit: Jojocrews

After it was announced that Justin Timberlake was set to take to the stage of the Superbowl 52 Halftime show next year, Janet Jackson fans were NOT pleased and instantly coined the ‘Justice For Janet‘ hashtag and social media campaign.

Supporters flocked to social media and the NFL’s social media pages to give them a piece of their minds on the blatant disregard for Janet, who still was blacklisted from the program and has yet to receive a formal apology. Well, according to Janet’s father, Joe Jackson, fans might just be seeing the Queen of Pop hit the stage after all.

Via NY Daily News:

“Janet is ready to comeback and I think it will happen,” he told us at BET’s Soul Train Awards, which will air on Jan. 26. “The way I bought her up she was made for comebacks and this is no different.”

According to Joe, booking a gig at the big game will give his daughter closure.

“Janet always wanted to know she was not banned after what happened before,” he said. According to Joe, who turns 90 next year, there have been discussion about Janet and teaming up with Timberlake again.

“We know conversations have taken place secretly, but no-one is daring to say too much publicly until contracts are signed,” he claimed. The Jackson family patriarch says that the NFL’s declining ratings would get a boost from putting the “What Have You Done for Me Lately” singer on stage.

“We must not forget this show is about ratings,” he said. “No one publicly is going to discuss that, but the world and media know that the NFL are in a sticky place over fans reactions to their players taking the knee and protesting the national anthem.”

It’s not just Janet and the NFL who want to see this happen, according to Joe.

“The audience are expecting a show and I feel that they are expecting to see her too,” he thinks. “It is what they want.”

Joe also says that sponsors and TV network’s need not worry about a “Nipplegate 2” being broadcast across the globe.

“That won’t happen this time,” he promised.

While this is exciting and promising news, it still begs the question, will CBS, PEPSI and the NFL, give Janet her formal and public apology that is so long overdue? We will stay tuned.


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