Mo’Nique Calls For Netflix Boycott After They Offered Her Millions Less Than Amy Schumer & Dave Chappelle [Video]

Posted January 19, 2018

Mo’Nique IG

Mo’Nique is back at it!

The Oscar winning actress is furious with Netflix and wants everyone to join her in an official boycott after she says the streaming service low balled her for an upcoming comedy special.

Mo’Nique says Netflix met with her about filming a new special and offered her $500,000. She was taken aback because her peers have been receiving much better deals. Amy Schumer pulled in $11M for her special at first offer and eventually got a couple million more after re-negotiating based on what her male counterparts like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock were getting.

Dave and Chris received $20M reportedly, and although Mo’Nique says she didn’t demand that amount, she feels she is worth far more than 500k.


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