Shots Fired: Dame Dash Slams Jay Z & Beyonce As “Cowards” For Not Defending Rachel Roy During “Becky” Aftermath, Likens Beyhive’s Behavior To Criminal Activity

Posted September 6, 2016


Damon Dash has no love for his former friend/partner Jay Z or his wife Beyonce. We already knew this, but the music mogul is now speaking out about his thoughts on the “Becky with the good hair” fiasco that went down with his ex wife Rachel Roy.

The infamous line has become a pop culture reference for a mistress, and all eyes led to Roy after she tweeted insinuating that she was Jay Z’s “Becky” a few months ago. Well although the backlash and attacks from the Beyhive have subdued since then, Dame is not happy with the way Jay and Bey addressed the matter.

Roy and Dash’s two teenage daughters also received a lot of hate from the beyhive, and in a recent interview with Grazia U.K., Dash said, “Anyone who messes with a child is a coward.” He went on, likening the Beyhive’s activity to criminal abuse.

“They [Beyoncé and Jay Z] should have stepped up and said something. Adults can go and harass a kid on behalf of an R & B singer?” he asked. He continued, saying, “It was like sexual abuse. The trolls should have been put in jail for that. It was crazy.”

We have a feeling that Dame just reignited a fire that was slowly burning out, and we’re even more sure that he nor Rachel will be getting an apology from the power couple anytime soon.

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