Stunning: Joseline Hernadez Blazes Galore Magazine Full Spread, Talks Debut Album, Lil Kim ‘No Time’ Remake, If She Will Return To ‘LHHATL’ & More [Photos]

Posted May 8, 2017

Joseline Hernandez is getting her sexy back after giving birth to her first child, Bonnie Bella, as documented on her VH1 pregnancy/delivery special last week.

Now the ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘ breakout star is gracing the pages of Galore magazine, and looks as stunning as ever doing it. Get into the snaps shot by Mike Boyce below.

Get into some of the interview excerpts below.

Name your top 5 people you want to work with — it can be in both music and Hollywood.

Of course, I think J. Lo is super, super, super, super talented and she’s a producer and we’re both Puerto Rican, so we can always do a movie with that — you know, speaking Spanish or English or bilingual, that’ll be fun. And then, I love Ice Cube. I think he’s amazing.

As far as music, of course, I love to work with Stevie J — he’s awesome. Of course, if me and Ri (Rihanna) get into the studio together that’ll be an amazing song — it’ll be straight Caribbean. You know, that’s my home girl. She’s knows what’s up — shout out to Ri.

Nicki Minaj of course, I think she’s awesome. And Ivy Queen — she’s a Puerto Rican rapper and she’s been rapping for many, many years since I was a kid and she’s still doing it. I respect her so much.

What is one thing that absolutely annoys you about life in front of the camera?

You know what, really nothing. I’m pretty cool with being in front of the camera and pretty cool with people having their own opinion about whatever it is that they want to say. So, at the end of the day, really nothing even bothers me.

You know what I’m good at? I’m good at seeing, but really not seeing. So, I see everything, but I act like don’t because I don’t give a f*ck. Like I’m so focused — I’m working on my music career, I’m working on “Star” as an actress, I just executive-produced my delivery special for my daughter.

And you know, I have so much going on that there’s really nothing that could annoy me in the industry because I don’t have time to pay it attention. I have so much on my plate right now, which is a blessing.

What are we getting music wise from you — a debut album?

So right now, I’m an independent artist. So, I’ve been putting out singles — I just put a single out called “Baby Daddy.” Amazingly, it did great for it to be done independently. A lot of my fans bought it — shout out to Bad Boosh Nation, that’s like my army. And I shot the video on Love & Hip Hop. The song is about strength and women empowerment and being able to move on without no record label behind you and without no man or no one behind you.

As an independent artist, I have the right to sell it and make the royalties and make my own money and just own me — not let anyone or any record label own me. Right now, Stevie and I are about to put a single out called “No Time” (remake of Puffy and Lil’ Kim’s “No Time”) and he’s on the hook. It’s a cool and hot song. So, we just got some singles coming out and working on some stuff with Hispanic community. It’s pretty cool because I get to do my music, act my reality show, produce, be a mother, and get to do everything that I love at the same time. It’s just amazing.

Check out more from the interview HERE.

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