The Top 5 Artist Stories That Need To Be Told/Bio Pics We’d Like To See

Posted October 22, 2013


It was just announced that the highly anticipated ‘Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story’ has snagged VH1 its highest ratings ever for an original movie with over 4.5 million viewers and also the number one spot as the highest rated cable movie this year. Clearly with all the hype surrounding the film, and it taking control of all social media sites this week, plus the fact that VH1 did such an amazing job with the casting, story, production and promotion of the film, it has us thinking of other bio pics which the masses would love to see. Below is our list of the top five artist and stories that we think definitely should be in line next for the small screen treatment. Check it out and let us know if you agree?


1. Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You: The Whitney Houston Story’

The legendary icon whose life played out in the public eye, had many a high, but equally as many lows. From her sweet church girl image that she debuted on the scene with, then to her turbulent and well documented relationship with husband Bobby Brown, which made headlines for many drug use and domestic abuse speculations. Of course, after divorcing Brown the powerhouse singer attempted to heal her demons and turn her life around, by many accounts of her loved ones. Only to be taken away unexpectedly at a time when she was gearing up to make a major return to the industry. Though very tragic, as we all were rooting for Whitney’s breakthrough, her story would serve as a great testament to many and one that would be EPIC to get clarity on.



2. Aaliyah ‘Aaliyah One In A Million: The Story of A Fallen Angel’

This film has been alleged to be in the works for some time now, with rumored castings of everyone from Solange Knowles, Keyshia Chante and others to portray the rising R&B angel who was taken from us after her tragic plane crash in 2001. Aaliyah’ story though not as controversial as some artist, definitely is noteworthy and would garner major support from fans and critics alike if done the proper way. From her humble beginnings with a street but sweet style, to her headline making underage relationship with then producer R. Kelly, to her rise as budding movie star and all around household name. Aaliyah’s story is one of the most anticipated to be told on our list.

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3. New Edition ‘Can You Stand The Rain: The New Edition Story’

New Edition has been one of R&B/pop music’s longest standing male groups, who have inspired not just male artist but all artist including many of this generation such as Beyonce. Bobby, Johnny, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and Ronnie have always expressed an interest in bringing their story to the big screen and plans were in the works as part of their 20 year anniversary which set to coincide with their 20 year anniversary tour. The guys have a rocky story from alleged drug use within the group, ego’s causing division and breakups, hit solo careers and not such hit solo careers, and reuniting after years of miscommunication. New Edition has come full circle in their story and would show that through perseverance and all of the industries downfalls, traps and trials they have survived.



4. Destiny’s Child ‘DC: Survivor’

Though it may be sometime before this story is complete, and may parallel with the Beyonce’ story, its certainly one that many would tune in to see! Everyone knows the history-the rise to the top of the charts, the outing of several members, the never ending rumors and speculation. It would be great to get the real story from all the players including the former members. Although if this was to come from the Knowles camp, we’re sure the complete truth wouldn’t be told, or at least not a truth that would shed Queen Bey in a negative light, but here’s to wishing.


5. Can’t Stop, Wont Stop: The Story Behind Bad Boy Records

With so many players involved, and so many accounts of what did and didn’t happen, the Bad Boy Records story would be EPIC in so many ways to see play out. Taking off due to the major success of The Notorious BIG anchoring the label, and then the rise of practically ever act after (Mase, 112, Lil’ Kim, The Lox, Total, Faith Evans, etc. etc) P. Diddy then known as Puff Daddy dominated the industry, radio and the entire game. Of course that quick rise turned into a major fall for the label after the death of the legendary rapper, claims of dirty dealings, bad contracts and sabotage on part of the label head himself, Bad Boy Records has still never been the same as it once was. Even better than a bio-pic might be an unbiased documentary, which could hear all sides separately and as a collective. As many who know there was a lot of speculation (from Lil’ Kim, Junior Mafia, etc) that the Notorious BIG film that was released was not completely accurate, and was very much fabricated for the cameras. A chance to hear the real story behind the artist, the label, and the drama would be welcomed by many.


Do you agree with our list? Is there anyone we left off that you would like to see!? Comment, Like, Share

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