Watch: Tank Claps Back at Gay-Shamers, Defends The LGBT Community “You’re Taking Someone’s Life and You’re Making It Negative”

Posted May 2, 2016


Since Tank recently revealed to the world on The Breakfast Club that he loves to have his salad tossed by his female companions and then reiterated it again on Instagram, he’s been dealing with his share of shade and hate in his comments sections.

Some of his followers, male and female, have been throwing gay slurs around and using it in a derogatory way, to insinuate that Tank’s fetish for anal play, is somehow an indication that he is gay. Well the R&B crooner is not here for the negative remarks and nasty gay slurs and took to social media to defend the gay community and I am so here for it.

“I got something on my mind. First of all, I like what I like. I don’t give a f— what y’all think. I’m a nasty motherf—–. It is what it is. But throwing the gay slur around as if it’s the most negative thing you can call a person is very disrespectful and very ignorant because you don’t understand what it is. You’re taking someone’s life and you’re making it negative, you’re making it derogatory. Something they were born into, something that they can’t help but to be,” Tank explained.

“It’s almost like how you’re born Black. I’m born Black. I can’t help but be Black. That’s just what I am. And somebody says, ‘Oh my God, those guys are acting Black,’ and using it as a negative instead of what it is. My life is positive. A person who’s born a homosexual or whatever, their life is positive. That’s what they’re meant to be. Stop throwing that s— around like that’s the worst thing somebody could be,” Tank said.

Watch Tank get the gay shamers together below! or click HERE

Just a few things on my mind.. Love ??Hate ?? #TheGeneral

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