Xscape Members Separate Tour Buses Unveiled, Kandi Excluded From The Group Photo on Toscha & Tamika’s ‘Xscape’ Bus

Posted November 22, 2017

Now that fans know that Kandi Burruss will NOT be joining Xscape for their new album, and only participating in the tour, the ladies are making it clear that they are just fine moving forward without her.

Following the unveiling of their new single ‘Dream Killa’ this week, the ladies official tour buses were unveiled today and each respective member has their own bus, promoting their own respective brands. Confused? Take a look.

Tiny’s bus will house her and daughter Zonique who is the tours opening act, while Kandi’s bus is solely occupied by the ‘Bedroom Kandi‘ diva, and clearly promotes that and all her companies. Meanwhile, the sisters Tamika and LaToscha are on the official ‘Xscape’ bus promoting the groups two new singles.

It's no secret that Kandi Burruss was hesitant about rejoining her Xscape group mates for
Following their super successful 'The Great Xscape Tour' which practically sold out all 29 U.S.

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