Brandy Addresses/Shades Monica & The Infamous Note Whitney Houston Gave Her Following Whitney Birthday Posts “No One Knows What The Note Says But She Gave It To Me, So You, Your Faves Can Sit Down”

Posted August 9, 2017

via Brandy/Monica Instagram

In case you didn’t know, today (Aug. 9) is the birthday of the late and great Whitney Houston. Many of her fans and peers have taken to social media today to celebrate her life, art and memories.

As expected, two of those people were Brandy and Monica, who both took to Instagram to issue respective posts to Nippy. While Monica issued one simple post below, Brandy opted for a series of posts paying homage to her fairy godmother/angel.

and here are Brandy’s..

Well leave it to the fans to get things riled up! commenters took to Brandy’s page to throw slight shade at her for what they considered OD’ing on the posts, and allegedly trying to throw shade to Monica by using certain terms like “pass the torch” to belittle Monica’s relationship with Whitney.

Well Brandy never one to shy away from her critics clapped back at them and DID throw a little shade to Mo.

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