Here For It: Entire NYC Subway Station Parties To Cardi B ‘Bodak Yellow’ on Loud Speaker While Waiting For Next Train [Video]

Posted December 5, 2017

Cardi B is just days away from releasing the follow up to her Grammy nominated summer smash ‘Bodak Yellow‘ but even in December, the banger has proved to be not just the song of the summer, but arguably song of the year.

In a new three minute clip posted by a Twitter user who was in the Time Square station, someone begins playing the track on loud speaker blasting through the entire station. The moment the beat drops, the party got started.

“Play ‘Bodak Yellow’ anywhere and a party will start, guaranteed,” he tweeted. “@IAmCardiB brings the people together.” the user captioned his tweet along with the video, get in below.

Cardi B has moved on from the drama and is 'Backin' It Up' to the
image via Cardi Instagram Cardi B's success shows no signs of

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