Guess Who’s Back: Kim Burrell Does First Interview Since Anti Gay Firestorm “Don’t Ever Expect An Apology From Me” [Video]

Posted February 28, 2017

via Instagram

Kim Burrell seemingly fell off the face of the earth following the epic backlash she endured and the firestorm that ensued back at the end of the year when she was filmed on camera spewing anti-gay statements during a sermon.

It’s been over two months since she deleted her social media accounts and basically went off the grid, but now Kim has done her first interview since the fiasco, and her tune apparently has not changed one bit. In fact, she’s more bold than ever with her statements.

Via Black Christian News:

Burrell gave her first exclusive interview with Jerri P. Beasley on the “Keep the Morning Moving Morning Show,” where she talked about the recent controversy, the death of her brother, and what’s going on in her life now.

“I need the people to know, don’t ever expect an apology from me,” said the 44-year-old, whose sermon called gay people “perverted” and prophesied certain death this year on leaders that hypocritically proclaim the gospel while living a homosexual lifestyle.

The exclusive post-controversy interview, which was recorded Saturday, Feb. 18, the day before a tribute concert to Burrell’s late brother, Kevin Jordan, who died of complications from a massive stroke on Feb. 6, solidified the singer’s position on the matter once and for all.

“I have to please God,” the global artist said. Even though she is cast as hateful, bigoted and mean-spirited by mainstream media, she says doing God’s will is her only focus. “In all my ways, I have to acknowledge Him and He’ll direct my path, just as everybody else,” she said.

It has unquestionably been a rough ride for the pastor of the Houston-based Love and Liberty Fellowship Church, whose home was swarmed by media in the initial days following the uprising.

“I have not interviewed. CNN has called me. Every outlet you can name—every outlet. Think of any of them in the world. They have called me since Dec. 30th. They’ve been outside my house with cameras pulled. They have been on top of my house with helicopters,” she said.

At one point, Burrell shared that her close friend Stevie Wonder, who has been a comfort to her in the wake of her brother’s death, flew her out to Los Angeles so she could gain refuge from the media’s relentless assault.

Get into the full interview below.

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