Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez BOTH Grace Paper Magazine For STUNNING ‘Las Vegas’ Edition Joint Cover [Photos]

Posted August 21, 2017

via Paper Instagram

Paper Magazine has brought Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez together for the first time, well sort of. Both ladies are featured as cover girls for the magazine’ special edition Las Vegas issue.

Mariah and J. Lo are the only ladies on the multi-cover, but are joined by Ricky Martin and The Backstreet Boys who also are currently headlining major residencies in Sin City.

Check out snaps and excerpts from each of the ladies respective interviews below, starting with J.Lo.

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What are some of the wildest adventures you’ve had in Vegas?

I feel like people have wild adventures and drink, and, like, do other things, and I don’t do that stuff. You know what I mean? I’m here to dance and the wildest thing I’ve done is, oooh, I danced ’til 4.You know, that was it.

For someone who’s never been to Las Vegas, what would you suggest they do?

When you come to Vegas, you should come see my show, All I Have. It’s the best show in Vegas, and you should come and just enjoy hanging out by the pool, shopping, eating, seeing all the great shows. It’s like an adult playground. It’s a lot of fun.

Your show is over two hours and you dance for the whole show —

Yeah. I dance and sing for the whole show.

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Back to Vegas… PAPER MAGAZINE OUT NOW! @papermagazine #VivaLasPaper #AlliHave #JLoVegas

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A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

and Mariah..


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What made you decide to do a show in Las Vegas?

Well, I just thought it would be something in between albums, because now I’m working on a new album and new singles, and I just thought it was a great place to be able to be. Because I have twins [Moroccan and Monroe], who just turned six…to have them be in one place for a period of time rather than, like, touring for all that time [is great]. They go with me.

And they say ‘What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.’ Do you have any of those kinds of moments that you really cut loose?

Well, it’s hard because sometimes it’s like two nights on back to back so I don’t really [go out] — it’s not like, ‘WOO HOO,’ let’s, like, go wild on the Las Vegas strip, but occasionally some of my friends and I will drive around, have fun, go to different places, do whatever.

You’re such a huge star, but can you remember the last time you were starstruck?

There’s always people who I admire and when I see them [I get starstruck]. The last time I saw Prince, he came to my dressing room. I had said I wanted to go visit him to say hello because we’ve met before.When he was living we had had lots of conversations, and he helped me through certain moments that were not easy. I don’t want to get too depressing, but I was having a conversation with Prince and then I looked around the room and I noticed that everyone in the room was looking up and staring like they couldn’t believe he was standing there. But I would always be a little bit starstruck [when] I [saw] Michael Jackson as well.


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Check out the full interviews and tons of photos HERE.

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