MUST SEE: Mo’Nique Stands Off with ‘The Breakfast Club’ In Tense Debate, Comes For Charlamagne “Lenard” Tha God Over Him Crowning Her ‘Donkey of the Day’

Posted February 23, 2018

Following her visit to ‘The View’ yesterday, Mo’nique stopped by one of her biggest critics over at ‘The Breakfast Club‘ for what will became one of their most controversial and watched interviews.

Mo’Nique and Charlamagne Tha GOD, or Lenard as she called him by his first name, went head to head on the debate as Charlamagne has very vocally disagreed with Mo’Nique’s stance. Mo and her husband/manager Sidney (who joined by phone) came ready to debate and immediately questioned him on his crowning her ‘Donkey of the Day.’ Get into the back and forth below.

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