‘Power’ Creator Courtney Kemp Spills MAJOR Tea on Season 4 Finale, Season 5 Spoilers, Main Cast Deaths Coming, Show Coming To An End Soon & More

Posted September 6, 2017

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Now that ‘Power‘ season 4 is officially wrapped, fans are left on the edge of their seat until next year waiting to see what will happen next now that all bets appear to be off following the murder of Ghost’s daughter, Raina St. Patrick.

We saw on the finale that there was a lot of action set up for season 5 including the rekindling of Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora), Ghost (Omari Hardwick) and Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) who will now unite to take down their common enemies.

Now show creator, Courtney Kemp sat down with Deadline and gave them some exclusive tea about season 5 (which is already in production) and what fans can expect from the show which has snagged an average of 8.7 million loyal viewers an episode over various platforms. Get into excerpts from her Deadline interview below following the season 5 tease.


DEADLINE: At this stage in your career and after four seasons, going into five, running Power, is that more interesting to you?

KEMP: Let me say, I think the show itself is growing in the same way that Ghost is growing, so it’s not always the most comfortable show to watch. But why should it be? I mean, I remember watching episodes of The Sopranos and being filled with dread knowing what was coming or anticipating what was coming. I don’t think that that’s always a bad thing. I think sometimes the audience needs a little catharsis held away from them.

DEADLINE: So, with the catharsis catheter held off until next year, where are you with Season 5 and where is this multiple set of showdowns going?

KEMP: It’s actually interesting because we just turned in the first episode of Season 5. Right now, we’re looking at it as a direct pickup, and it begins in a place of Angela trying to figure out, hey, what the hell happened here? Then from that perspective, then it’s all about Tasha trying to kind of keep Tariq out of trouble.

It’s also Ghost, Tommy, and Kanan, obviously, being united in the direction I already spoke of, and then Tariq, now having to pay the price for what has happened. You know, a lot of the people last week were like, I can’t believe you killed Raina. Well, the reason we made that choice, in no small part, was that Tariq’s journey had to include grave consequences, and if he were the one who died, he would not have had to face them.


DEADLINE: A big death is in the offering for Season 5?

KEMP: Look, no one’s been safe on our show for quite some time, but obviously, the main characters have had longer lives. We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before.

So, of course, it can get worse, because no one’s been caught for anything yet. You know, there’s always another way that things can go badly on Power, but then also there might be some great joy and some great success. People might come out ahead. I don’t know. Maybe two of our characters are going to fall back in love. Who knows?

DEADLINE: And, with that tease, how about you, are you thinking of handing over the showrunning reigns after Season 5?

KEMP: I would love to hand Power over fully, but I think if we’re not going to do too many more seasons, it’s probably best for me to stay on and finish what I started.

Read the full interview with more scoop HERE.

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