Shots Fired: Tanks Wants Kanye West To Grow Up & Stop Exploiting His Wife

Posted March 23, 2015


R&B crooner Tank has some friendly advice for Kanye West and wants him to get his act together as it pertains to his wife Kim Kardashian. The singer did an interview with Blog Talk Radio (Have A Seat Radio) and during a segment titled  “The Golden Chair” he nominated Yeezy for the sit the fuck down award.

Tank says his gripe with West is that he continues to exploit his wife with her constant nudity and he thinks its quite thirsty and that Kanye needs go to grow up. The photos Tank is speaking of are the ones Kanye recently tweeted out where Kim posed nude for a photo shoot which was documented on the season premiere of ‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’

Kimnude kimnude2 Kimnude1

Tank revealed during the interview:

As much as I am a fan of this guy, I think he definitely deserves this golden chair. Im’a go Kanye.

I just want to know how many pictures of Kim are we going to put out there with barely no clothes on? I just want to know how many pictures of your wife—with a baby—like you know what I’m saying?

At a certain point we have to grow up and we have to be examples for our children. Alright? Let’s stop putting this married woman’s assets all over the place.

Despite the fact that Tank himself previously posted nude snaps of his baby mother Zena Foster from her pregnancy photo shoot, he says he would not do that once he is married.

As a man, when I get married, I’m not putting my woman’s assets out on the blogs for people. That is mine,” he said. “When I oil it up, I’m oiling it up for me.

Check out the segment below.

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