Not Today! Don Lemon Shuts Down Pro Trump Panelist John Fredericks On Air After Disrespectful Remarks, Defense of Trump’s “Sh**hole” Country Statements [Video]

Posted January 11, 2018

Don Lemon has found his voice, and he refuses to let it go! The CNN commentator/host was conducting a panel conversation on his show on Thursday night (Jan.11) where he and his guests had a conversation about Donald Trump’s comments early Thursday, that he didn’t want immigrants coming to America from “sh*thole countries” like Haiti and countries in Africa.

Don allowed his guests to kick start the conversation by referencing Trump’s comments as “racists” to which guest John Fredericks combated and claimed that Don’s assessment was “lazy.” Don allowed Fredericks to finish his statement but the talk radio host kept throwing insults at Lemon. The drama then ensued, get in below.

Kanye West and his series of outlandish tweets today have sparked major backlash, specifically his

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