Watch: Andy Cohen On ‘RHOA’ Changes For Season 11″We Have A Lot of Great Casting For Next Season”+Talks Sheree Whitfield Firing Rumors

Posted April 15, 2018

As fans of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ prepare for part 2 of the season 10 reunion to air on Sunday night, Andy Cohen is giving some major tea on what fans can expect from the next two parts of the reunion as well as some cast changes for season 11.

Andy sat down with Entertainment Tonight and revealed that for fans who weren’t impressed with season 10 which was critiqued heavily for being boring, he wants them to stay tuned as season 11 has some major casting taking place. Though he can’t confirm who is staying or going, he did address the rumors that Sheree Whitfield was not asked back for season 11 and DID confirm that Kim Zolciak Biermann will definitely not be returning.

“I will say, we have a lot of great casting for next season,” executive producer Andy Cohen teases to ET’s Nischelle Turner. Bravo just announced this week that RHOA, along with several other network favorites, has been picked up for an 11th installment.

“What can I tell you — if you didn’t like it this time, keep watching,” he says of season 10. “I guarantee you, next time it’ll be a little different and better.”

Multiple reports surfaced this week that original cast member Sheree Whitfield has been let go from Housewives for the second time (she previously exited the series after season four, only to return in season eight). But Andy says, don’t count out the “bone collector” quite yet.

“I mean, the reunions haven’t [finished] airing yet,” he notes. “We haven’t done a thing. We haven’t picked up anybody.”

That includes Kim Zolciak Biermann, who returned to Real Housewives as a “friend” this year after walking away from the show in the middle of season five back in 2012. Andy says he’s not sure they can convince her to sign on again.

“I would be surprised if Kim came back, just because she left the reunion really unhappy,” he shares. “I don’t think this was a fun experience for her, and so I would be really surprised if she came back.”

“It seemed very exciting, the idea of NeNe [Leakes] and Kim getting back together,” Andy adds. “I was hoping that the two of them would be able to have a little more fun. That really didn’t happen.”

“When you see the reunion, you will see — I mean, just the sight of Kim makes NeNe sit up straight and lose her mind, actually,” he teases.

Get into it below.

After months of tidbits and tea that I've been posting, now the unofficial cast photo

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