Too Far! Lela Loren of ‘Power’ Says She Has Received Death & Rape Threats Due To Her Character Angela Valdes

Posted July 13, 2017


If you are a fan of the Starz hit series ‘Power,’ then you probably are like many viewers who are extremely frustrated with the character of Angela Valdes who is currently prosecuting lead character Ghost aka James St. Patrick.

Well according to Lela Loren, the actress that plays Angie, some fans apparently can’t distinguish real life from the show. The actress revealed that she has been receiving death and rape threats from viewers.

via Page Six:

“For me, it is not so much if people hate my character, it’s when I get threats on my own personal life. It is just awful,” she told us at the “Power” cocktail party held at Catch.

“People can wish my character dead all the time. But it is when you say if you see me you are going to cut me, rape me — that is the piece that is really hard with social media and the anonymity of people … As a woman, it is really hard when people think they can say misogynistic things to me while I am riding the train because they saw me naked on the show. They think because [I’ve] been sexualized on television that they can approach me.”

Now we definitely aren’t big fans of her character at this point based on the chain of events, however, death threats!? Some folks take things entirely too far.

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