Exclusive: Ten Questions With Jade Novah

Posted December 18, 2013


Singer, songwriter, actress all of the above apply to budding superstar Jade Novah effortlessly. The Cleveland, Ohio native who now resides in Atlanta is steadily becoming music’s next big thing with a talent that rivals with the best of them.

Jade got her start as a songwriter penning hits for the likes of Mya, Christina Milian, Melanie Fiona and was mentored and wrote under none other than Missy Elliott.  Jade would later release her debut 2012 mixtape ‘Shades of Jade’ which received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike for its A+ musicality, arrangements and vocals, and cemented her as a force to be reckoned with.

Making her presence even more known, Jade channeled her inner diva in her Beyonce‘ parody videos playing the role of Keyonce’ Bowles, the less than well known sister to pop’s biggest star.

The hilarious videos went viral and further proved that the songstress is equipped with a true limitless talent, a rarity in today’s artists who focus more on gimmicks and controversy than actual art.

Now Jade is ready to take the world by storm with her debut forthcoming album ‘In Search of Me’ which is preceded by the appropriately titled single ‘Show Out’.

I got the chance to reach out to Jade and get some answers to the questions that her NOVAHcanes (the name she affectionately calls her fans) have been dying to ask. Get into my exclusive– ’10 Questions with Jade Novah’


      I know you have your in house producer Devin Johnson, are there any other producers/writers you are working with or would like to work with?

Absolutely!  For my upcoming debut album “In Search of Me,” Devin collaborated with a few other amazing producers: Young Fyre, Bridge, and Mayo. In the future I would love to collaborate and co-write with Justin Timberlake! 

  3 words to describe your album ‘In Search of Me’?

Visuals Through Sound.  

            What is your current label situation and is there an idea when fans can expect the album?

Currently, I’m an independent artist by choice. In the near future I would definitely consider signing with a major, but I want to make sure that I release this first project independently so that Devin and I can maintain creative control and also our musical integrity. We are putting all the finishing touches on the album and my “NOVAHcanes” can expect a release early 2014! 

        You were mentored and worked under Missy Elliott, what was that experience like and did she give you any advice that has stuck with you?

 Missy Elliott is such an amazingly talented woman. Even before we collaborated, I was such a fan of her ability to create records for other artists, write for her own projects, sing, produce, and rap! She always told me to think outside the box when writing and to find my own sound as an artist. Just having her support means everything! 

Do you think you and Missy would work together again in the future?

 I would love to collaborate with her on a song for my project! Her schedule can be very hectic but she has heard some of the album and is very supportive in her own way.

Who would be your top 3 dream collabos?

 Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, & Disney. JT and Bruno have a unique ability to create innovative records while pulling inspiration from the music of previous generations. As far as Disney is concerned, there is something so magical about the music they create. My dream is to one day be a Disney Princess!

Your sound seems heavily influenced by theater and has elements of Broadway infused in it, would you ever do Broadway?

  I would love to do Broadway. Devin and I actually created “In Search of Me” by writing a storyline and then the writing songs to tell that story. The album was always intended to be created into a stage play.

  I absolutely loved the video for ‘Show Out’ who came up with the concept for the visual?

Thank you so much! The video was actually funded by my supporters through a crowd funding campaign. The idea for the video was a collaborative effort between myself, Devin, and the talented guys of BRPR, a digital marketing company based in Miami. That’s actually where we shot the video for “Show Out.” BRPR brought our visions to life and helped make our ideas more realistic with the limited budget we had in place. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

We haven’t heard from Keyonce’ Bowles in a while, has she taken a break from her busy career lol?

Keyonce actually makes a cameo on my album. She hasn’t gone anywhere!

Are there any plans to tour? I am sure the Novahcanes would love the chance to see you in a live setting.

Once I release the album, I definitely want to do a promo tour and get a chance to meet my amazing NOVAHcanes. They are so supportive and unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to perform much outside of Atlanta.  There’s so much in store for 2014 and prayerfully touring is one of those things!

Anything else you would like to let your fans know?

I want to let my supporters know that I love them and am so grateful that they are taking this journey with me. They have been so patient and I believe that 2014 will be the big payoff for all of their patience!

If you want to know more about Jade Novah and her upcoming projects be sure to follow her on Twitter @JadeNovah.

Just in time for the holiday’s in case you missed our recent post, check out Jade’s new Christmas medley below.

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