Must See: Khia Opens Up & Shades ‘The Queens Court,’ Calls Out Funky Dineva Alleged Coke Use, Slams Madison’s Entourage Who Sabotaged Her & More [Full Video]

Posted February 13, 2018

After much speculation on the status of ‘The Queens Court,’ host TS Madison took to social media on Monday night to reveal the news that the show is being revamped, WITHOUT Khia and will likely feature Funky Dineva according to a post made directly by him.

Well Tuesday morning following Maddie’s announcement, Khia took to her own Instagram Live to give a mouth and earful of tea on the reason she is no longer doing the show, her issues with the new group of people who Maddie has reportedly surrounded herself with and clarified all the speculation.

According to Khia, these are the same people who purposely sabotaged the planned Mo’Nique interview that apparently was the catalyst for the demise of the duos show. She revealed that she still has love for Maddie, but as to be expected, a lot of shade was thrown regarding the fall out and the reported “replacement” in Funky Dineva and all the mayhem that occurred leading up to the Mo’Nique interview.

Madison has responded! Get in below and posted a fresh video response HERE.

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