Roseanne Barr Issues Fresh Apology+Responds To Racist Tweet Backlash, Show Cancellation “I’m Tired of Being Attacked & Belittled More Than Other Comedians Who Have Said Worse”

Posted May 30, 2018

via Roseanne Instagram

Roseanne Barr learned a powerful lesson yesterday on the power of social media, and the power that our own words (and Tweets) can have over our lives.

Following her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, a former adviser to Barack Obama, where she referenced her looking like an ape, backlash ensued swiftly and quite heavily.

Roseanne’s recently 2018 rebooted series which had JUST secured renewal for a new season, was ultimately cancelled by ABC. Additionally, reruns of the original 80’s/90’s series which play on several networks and streaming services including Hulu, were also pulled immediately as a result of her actions.

It didn’t end there! Roseanne began to see a series of her upcoming comedy shows, including one here in the D.C./Maryland area (National Harbor, MD) cancelled immediately. To top it off, her management agency, ICM Partners, also dropped her as a client all on Tuesday (May 29).

Now, Roseanne issued a lengthy series of tweets on Wednesday morning once again apologizing, and expressing her regret for the series of events. She did of course throw in a bit of attitude with it, and reminded the people that although her words were not appropriate, that she is not a racist and she is tired of being “attacked & belittled” when others have said way worse.

Get into her full series of fresh tweets below, captured by Baller Alert by hitting the slider arrow in the post.

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