Toni Braxton Reveals Previously Planned Duets with Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey

Posted March 20, 2018

Toni Braxton is just days away from the release of her long awaited new album ‘Sex & Cigarettes‘ and during a recent interview, the sultry singer revealed some news about two potential collaborations she had in the work with two fellow divas.

The ‘Braxton Family Values’ star opened up on planned duets that were set to occur with she and Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson respectively. Toni revealed the news during an interview with Pride Source, get in below.

Why did we get a Whitney and Mariah duet and never a Mariah and Toni duet?

You know, Mariah had reached out to me about doing a duet, but unfortunately, it was just before I knew the bankruptcy was gonna happen (Braxton filed for bankruptcy in 1998 and 2010), but no one in the world knew. So when she asked me about doing a song together, immediately I wanted to say yes, but I couldn’t because what was about to unfold.

Why aren’t you calling her right now?

I’m gonna have to do that. There was talk about of me and Janet doing a song together on this particular project, but she was pregnant. But my people had talked about it. “Perhaps you and Jan should do a song together.” But, hey, maybe me and Mariah. We were neighbors for a second, so I probably should’ve reached out to her then, but it’s never too late. You’re actually gonna spark me to maybe talk to her about doing a remix or something. That’s actually a really good idea.

With Janet and Mariah currently working on new projects, it’s never too late! and fans are always keen to see our legends team up together to give us greatness. We say, make it happen!

Read the rest of her interview HERE.

via Toni Braxton Instagram Things aren't looking so good for our
Earlier this year Toni Braxton announced that she was hitting the road with her sisters

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